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( I'm older than that now! )

About me

I was born 1953 in New Jersey, USA. I always enjoyed working with my hands. Wood shop was my favorite class in grammar school and high school. I also played keyboards in a local rock band. And flying around the tri-state area with my solo pilot's license. ( At 16 years old ) 

After high school, I took welding lessons and started a job welding industrial paint mixiers. Then worked in a sign company. Before the CNC routers, all the letters were cut out by hand. To cut out the inside of an "O", you had to drill a hole inside to get the saw blade in. The scrape center pieces looked like a face, with the drilled hole being the eye. So I started creating small figures out of the scrap. Then I started adding different hair styles. I also entered a photogragh in the company ( United Advertising Corp. ) competition. I received second place. 

I moved to Florida in 1980. Still working in signs, becoming a production manager for two companies. I'm retired now but enjoy creating art, big art! 

I am transgender, I did not want to add this because I thought it would distract from my art. but it seems people want to know about the artist. That brings up another thing, I do not consider myself as an artist. I have no training in art. I think of myself as a craftswoman. 

2011     Intersections Art Project

                   Sarasota, Fl.

2016    16th Annual Outdoor                       Sculpture Competition

           (Polk Museum of Art)

                  Sebring, Fl.

2018  Coral Springs Museum of Art

               Coral Springs, FL.

2019   Sculpture on Sample

             Coral Springs, Fl.

2022    Art on Inspiration Way

              Tamarac, Fl.

2023     Temporary display

            N.Lauderdale, Fl.

2023  Church of the Trinity, MCC

                  Sarasota, FL. 

2024   Art on Inspiration Way,                     Tamarac, Fl

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